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Exercise Motivation In the Cold Weather

Don Schlenbecker, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, President, Peak Performance Training

It is pretty easy to get motivated when it’s breezy and 80 degrees out, but what about when we turn around and it’s 35 and rainy?

Many of us love the outdoor activities through spring, summer, and early fall.  We like to get out and walk and run with friends, play with the kids outside, and enjoy golfing or tennis.  But when the fall so abruptly ends and the leaves are lying half-frozen on the ground, it’s pretty easy to make the decision to do something else.  Not everyone is a gym-goer who makes a seamless transition into the confines of Commercial Club America, so what can we do to continue a healthy lifestyle of daily exercise?

At PPT we have been providing quality in-home personal training for the past 6 years. Many of our clients have minimal equipment, and a small amount of space, yet their workouts never seem to suffer in intensity or quality.  It is our job to make sure that we give each client the knowledge to be able to adapt to any surrounding and still get a great workout! So today I am going to give you a few tips that can help you achieve great results in the confines of your home.

Warm-Up: Whether you are working out for 20 minutes or 100 minutes, a quality warm- up is imperative. A general warm-up for 3-5 minutes should be used to increase your heart rate and increase the mobility through your joints.  Walk up and down the stairs, walk in place with high knees, jump rope (if you have the space), or even jog in place. Remember that you should always feel an increase in body temperature and hopefully a slight sweat after this warm-up.

Total Body Movements: To truly be the most efficient in caloric burning, you need to make sure that you are training movements and not muscles.  Movements that use the lower body, trunk, and upper body together require more oxygen to be pumped to your muscles, and in turn, burn many more calories than a basic single joint strength exercise.

Your Body is Resistance: Dumbbells and/or resistance bands/tubing are not a necessity. Your own bodyweight should be more than enough to result in a positive training effect for most movements. Adding some bands can be a nice complement, and open up some movements to help round out your workout.  Be sure to visit our Facebook page for weekly basic in-home movements!

Shorten/Eliminate Rest Periods:  By doing this, you can maintain an elevated heart rate and burn calories more efficiently.  Combine 3-4 movements in succession without rest, and take a short rest in between the groups.  Make sure you record your work/rest intervals for subsequent workouts.

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