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It Happens to Us All

I just sent this out to my January online nutrition coaching group.  We started getting into some mindset stuff last week and the need to always be “perfect”.  Here’s a snipit of the original email.

Boy did I blow it yesterday.  Here’s how things went down.  Yesterday we drove out to Rockford for my wife’s grandma’s 95th birthday party.  On the menu was Jimmy John’s sandwiches and all the other stuff you would expect to find that goes along with it.

After eating what amounted to a handful of raw pea pods and carrots, I declared war on those sandwiches.  They were cut up in about three inch pieces and by my estimates I put away somewhere between 7-10 of them.  Also, if memory serves me, 5-6 cookies and two pieces of cake.  And while I’m being honest, the one I ate at home too.

I’m not entirely sure what happened here.  I don’t usually eat sandwiches anymore and don’t come across much cake either these days.  But it all sure tasted really good yesterday.  It’s like the clock turned back 20 years and I was back in my running mega miles and chowing down heydays.  Yes, the above was common practice back then.  Thank goodness there was no booze at this party.  No doubt I would have partaken in that too!  Unfortunately, I’m still not finished.

After we got home I started getting hungry again!  That can happen when you consume several thousand calories void of any real nutrition.  I was feeling lazy and crappy but felt like I needed a little something to get me through the evening.  So, while we were out walking the dogs we stumbled upon a Taco Bell.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten at Taco Bell but I quickly remembered why so much time had passed, and I’m absolutely positive there will NEVER be a next time.

Enter the shredded chicken burrito on my walk home and that aforementioned piece of cake to polish things off.  By all nutritional standards, yesterday was not good.

Why am I telling you this?  To point out that you don’t need to be perfect in order to succeed.  No one is perfect.  Not even the people you think for sure.  Prefect doesn’t exist.  In this instance I could do one of two things.  I could get down on myself and tell myself I suck and I might as well eat like crap tomorrow too because I already blew today, so what difference does it make?

Or I could recognize it for what it was, one bad day.  And the best thing about having a bad day is that you get an opportunity to do better tomorrow, and that’s what I chose to do today.  It’s called life.  Somedays are up, some down, and a bunch reside somewhere in the boring middle.  Unless you plan to stop living life, it’s important to realize that there will always be choices to be made, challenges to deal with, and opportunities to grow.

In looking back, I realize I broke the single most important principle of portion control right off the bat.  I didn’t eat slowly.  Nope.  I started wolfing down those sandwiches like I hadn’t seen food in three weeks.  Sometimes it’s just fun to eat junk food because it can taste really good.  Truth be told, I was going to eat that food.  I knew it was coming.  However, had I slowed down from the outset, I’m fairly certain it would not have gotten as out of control.

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