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Vaccines & GMO’s

With the recent measles outbreak, the issue of vaccinations has been getting much attention in the news.  To be perfectly honest, this is a topic that I know very little about and probably cared even less about.  That is until I came across a film titled Bought.  Most likely, you have never heard of it and […]

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100 Days Later: Kevin Sak

We are trying to catch up with all of our former 28 Day Challengers to see where they are after 100 days! Kevin Sak finished his 28 Days back on Nov. 17th down a solid 13.2lbs and a major loss in inches and body fat. Go back and check those pics on our Facebook page. […]

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100 Days Later: Chris Campbell

“Roughly 100 days after my 28 Day Challenge with Peak Performance Training, I’d have to say that I’ve surpassed all my goals. I’ve been persistent in my quest to achieve a healthy body, and thanks to PPT, I’ve achieved that and so much more.  The program completely changed my way of thought, and is continuing […]

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