Protein Shake/Smoothie Demo

Scott Klasen, MS, CSCS, Co-Owner, Peak Performance Training

The nutritional choices that you make after a workout are crucial in the recovery from exercise and to ensure optimal results.  Check out our post-workout protein shake/smoothie that will give you everything you need nutritionally, and can be made in just minutes.

Basketball Skills Clinic: Ages 6-9

Don Schlenbecker, Co-Owner, Peak Performance Training


At Peak Performance Training, we provide basketball skills clinics to multiple park districts, as well as a number of travel teams.  Building a foundation of basketball skills in each player is our main goal, with a focus on progressions and proper development.  For more information on Peak Performance Training, check us out at

T-Spine Mobility

Don Schlenbecker, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, FMS, Co-Owner, Peak Performance Training

Without the proper mobility in your thoracic spine, many of your movements will be limited and set you up for potential injury.  Here is a video that takes all of the exercises into account, and gives you the best ones to start your t-spine work today!!!  Check us out at!

Ball Handling Variations

As we advance through our ball handling techniques, we want to continue to focus on a player’s ability to maintain control of the dribble while keeping his/her eyes on the rest of the floor.  Enjoy these drills that can be very effective in the continued development of all players.  Check out all of our videos at!

Self Stretches for Hurdle Step – FMS Correctives

When a client has difficulty in the hurdle step pattern of our Functional Movement Screen, it is usually a combination of poor single leg stance stability and issues with lower body mobility.  This video takes you through 3 self stretches that can help with the mobility issues that are common with this pattern.  Our corrective protocol always starts with an initial focus on mobility, leading into stabilization work.

Ball Handling Progressions 2012

When we work to change direction with the dribble, we need to make sure that we are creating as much separation as possible from the defender.  This video takes a closer look at the reverse dribble, between the legs dribble, and behind the back dribble while a player is on the move.  Start creating space between you and the defender today!!!




Intro to Ball Handling 2012

At the forefront of building a solid foundation in basketball is achieving quality ball handling skills. Too many times in youth basketball these skills are not given the focus they need and deserve. At Peak Performance Training we understand the importance of building a solid foundation both on and off the court, and this video will give you a great ball handling start for your kid(s) and teams. For more information check us out at

Fit Talk: Lose Weight and Build Muscle

A lack of results, or optimal results, usually occur because of some common exercise misconceptions that we have seen and heard many times. Today we are looking to help you create more efficient workouts by increasing intensity and decreasing duration in both your cardiovascular training and strength training. That’s right, you will be able to get greater results in much less time!!!

Mobility and Posture Check: Wall Sit w/Shoulder Press

Two very common areas for mobility issues are in the shoulder joint and in your thoracic spine (t-spine). This is a great self-check movement to take a closer look at identifying any limitations in a shoulder pressing pattern. Take the 2 minutes to go through this pattern and see what happens. Can you maintain your hands on the wall? Can you even get your hands on the wall? Is there a lot of tightness in your legs and hips? How about your back? Please post your feedback on here or on our Facebook page, and feel free to contact us so we can give you some corrective techniques to work on what you find.

Strength Training Circuit #1

The main goal of exercise is to be the most efficient in your quest to boost metabolism and burn fat. This circuit is a great example of how you should approach your strength training workouts as far as types of exercise and rest to work ratio. Remember that this type of training can burn 9 times the amount of calories you would burn in a single-joint dominated strength routine.