Peak Performance Start-Up Session

While we would would love to have you as a regular In-Home Fitness Coaching client, we realize that this may not be realistic for everyone.  Perhaps you are looking for a little help to get started and some periodic guidance along the way to help you stay on track?

If so, our Peak Performance Start-Up Session is the ideal solution to jumpstart your health and fitness.  We will come to your home and sit down to discuss your wants, needs, and goals.  We will also talk about what you are currently doing, what you’ve done in the past, what has and hasn’t worked, as well as your injury history and any perceived barriers to your success.

The next step is to identify the ideal starting point for your fitness training program.  This is accomplished through the implementation of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  Here, we take a close look at 7 basic movement patterns that deal with strength, stability, mobility and flexibility and also bring to light any imbalances that could cause injury or have been the cause of past injury.  In essence, we are looking for your weak link.

Next, we take your weak link, along with any “wants” that you indicated were important to you, and these form the centerpiece of your training program.  Taking into account weekly available training time and training space considerations, we construct a program that puts you on a path to achieve your chosen goals.

Finally, the last element we will tackle is your nutrition.  What, why and how you eat plays an essential role when it comes to getting the most from your workouts, achieving optimal health, and obtaining the results you ultimately seek.  We will look at how you’re currently doing and, if needed, offer suggestions for improvement.

Our Peak Performance Start -Up Session generally takes 2 hours to complete.  Where you go from there is up to you.  If you feel comfortable with everything, you should be all set to get started on your own.  If you’re still not ready, no problem.  We can come out and go through your workout together until you feel confident and comfortable.  From there, meeting together every 4-8 weeks is the ideal scenario to make the necessary changes to your program and keep you moving forward.

You will receive:

  • Full in-home health and fitness history review/goal-setting consultation
  • In-home fitness evaluation
  • Initial in-home fitness training program
  • Introductory nutritional assessment

Get started today for only $200