"Group Training is a blast!"

Beth K., Lincolnshire, IL
"I love PPT’s Group Training!  It’s a great power-hour that combines cardio, strength, agility, and stability.  What is better than improving your fitness outdoors with friends?"

Joanna K., Lincolnshire, IL
"I love the trainers at Peak Performance Training!  I have been a client for 7 years and whether it be at group training or an in-home training session, it is always a challenging workout that encompasses everything I need to stay fit and healthy.  I have learned so much from PPT about how I can workout more effectively on my own as well.  Their guidance and expertise has been priceless."

Joanna K., Lincolnshire, IL
"At the age of 45 I never had a real exercise routine in my life and I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or felt.  The trainers of Peak Performance Training had worked with my son and other young athletes, so I decided to give them a call.  After only 2 months of training once per week my energy level has increased and my normal body aches have up and left.  They put together the routine that is right for you, and keep you motivated with fun and effective workouts.  I can’t thank them enough for getting me in shape and feeling the best I ever have!"

Debbie M., La Grange, IL
"About eight years ago I got a wake up call.  I was a couch potato eating a regular dietary regimen of hamburgers and French fries.  I got the lab results from my annual physical and learned that my blood sugar in particular was becoming elevated, and that there were higher than desired levels of sticky type proteins in my blood which raised the risk of heart problems.  After making adjustments to my diet, and beginning a training program with Scott, I lost twenty plus pounds and my blood sugar levels and other blood chemistry have returned to a normal level.  After a furlough of twenty years, I started running again.  With the excellent weight training program developed by Scott designed to correct body imbalances and strengthen the core, and consultation on a running program that both challenges and preserves my body, my racing times have gotten increasingly better.  I have run three marathons, over ten half marathons along with a slew of races of shorter distance.  Most importantly, however, I feel great, and the training is an excellent antidote for a busy and stressful job.  Thanks PPT!"

Frank T., Lincolnshire, IL
"I went into group training to get into better shape and lose some weight...it's been 6 months and I have gone down 3 sizes, can run a 5k and my confidence is at an all time high!!"

Amanda D., Burr Ridge, IL
"I would recommend anyone interested in working with a trainer to contact Peak Performance Training!  Their approach just makes sense, and you can tell that they are genuinely concerned in helping.  I ran my fastest marathon ever, only a couple of months after I started training with PPT.  I have continued to improve my times as a cyclist, and most importantly, I have avoided injury."

Tom R., Naperville, IL
"Group Training is like recess for adults."

Rob H., Lincolnshire, IL
"Group Training is a great use of an hour.  Tough workout and always a fun group!"

Jen A., Lincolnshire, IL
"Group Training is a great way to start your morning!"

Gail S., Lincolnshire, IL