"Group Training is the best quick and dirty workout ever."

Stephanie P., Lincolnshire, IL
"I have been doing the 14-Day Jump Start faithfully since within a day or two of when you sent it to us.  I have psoriasis on my face.  I have tried most everything on it, but it just lessens a bit and then comes right back.  WELL, I am convinced that it is practically gone and the only thing I have changed is adding the Jump Start foods.  I know I have more energy too, which is great for an old lady like me.  LOL.  Also, I am on Weight Watchers, and have been for several years.  I was having trouble losing more weight - lost 55 lbs. so far - but in the past 2 weeks, I started losing weight again.  I think it's because I have incorporated your Jump Start items into my diet and still stayed within my points, thus eating less unhealthy food.  By the way, we both love the whey protein shake."

Carole B., Elk Grove Village, IL
"With a lingering shoulder issue going on for a year I knew it was time to take action.  My first choice was Don Schlenbecker at Peak performance Training.  I knew that Don would help me solve my problem. If he couldn't then he would lead me in the right direction.  The first thing Don suggested was to get a sports massage.  When an expert speaks, I listen! I got the sports massage and my shoulder felt better.  The next thing I did was schedule a training session with Don.  He took me through a mini screen to make sure I was capable to exercise without risking further injury.  He then showed me a dozen exercises that I could perform on my own.  I took the information and went on my way and performed the exercises. Within two weeks my shoulder is stronger and the pain has subsided dramatically.  I thought that was it, but no.  At Peak Performance Training they go the extra mile.  I received a follow up call two weeks later to see how my progress had gone.  What else can you ask for?  Peak Performance Training has passion, expertise, and cares about each of their clients."

Girard H., Des Plaines, IL
"Another New Year’s Resolution – With a milestone birthday (50) right around the corner, it was time for a resolution that was going to be different than previous years.  Working with PPT, I was able to lose 15lbs in the first 2 months of 2013.  Concentrated one hour workouts have replaced the hours spent standing around the gym.  The motivation of working out with a trainer along with an education on diet has made all the difference."

Joe S., Elk Grove Village, IL
"I am telling you, if I can do it, anyone can.  I started my journey with a lot of insecurity, no experience, and a boat load of negative messages in my head.  Little by little things have changed for me and I am still in the process of growing.  It's pretty amazing when you discover you are capable of things you never thought you could be capable of.”


Chris N., Elk Grove Village, IL
"I lost 12 lbs. on the 28-Day Challenge. It was very challenging in the beginning, figuring out what I could eat, shopping for it, and all of the cooking. After the first week, I felt really good, full of energy. There were occasions/events throughout the challenge that were difficult, but that is to be expected. I pushed through and kept my focus. Thanks for this opportunity that proved that 'I am up to the challenge.'"

Carie P., Elk Grove Village, IL
"The 28-Day Challenge made me realize how much of the average American diet contains loads of sugar and gluten.  Eliminating those made me feel better, and after a while, my sugar cravings disappeared entirely.  I've always had a sweet tooth, so that amazed me!  Eat no sugar, and I stopped craving sugar, huh!  I feel thinner in my torso, also.  Thanks, PPT!"

Jen A., Lincolnshire, IL
"I have to be honest, this has been a great experience.  I have become more aware of what I am eating and  not craving sugary treats at all.  At first that was a huge challenge. I was crabby and really craved my nightly sweets.  I feel great and am more motivated when working out.  It has taken me many years to realize that you can exercise for hours everyday but until you are honest about what you are eating, you will not see the results.  As you know, I choose to eliminate sugar from my diet since I did not think I could stick with eliminating the others.  I did not measure myself but wish I would have.  I lost 6 lbs.  I have to be honest, I am surprised at the changes in my body.  I stuck to morning smoothies but used whey powder since I had it on hand.  I used kale, berries, banana and flax seed or chia.  The smoothies are such an easy way to start the day.  Most mornings I even skipped my morning coffee since I did not feel I needed it.  All in all, I am more mindful of what I am eating and what I am preparing for my family.  I incorporate more vegetables in every meal.  I have not had A Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks in a month.  I will reserve the sweet drinks as a desert and only occasionally.  I will continue to have to take time to prepare meals and think about what I am eating so I do not get into the pattern of eating to eat.  I think the thought of eliminating all the foods is scary and overwhelming, but I think people need to have an open mind and want to make changes to be successful.  Thank you for your inspiration."


Kelly D., Lincolnshire, IL
"After having 2 kids in 19 months, my body had been stretched to the limit and I felt like I had basically fallen apart.  My first pregnancy brought not only a baby into my life, but 60 pounds as well.  After giving birth, I easily lost the first 20-25 pounds, but after that, every pound was a struggle.  I managed to take off a total of about 40 pounds by the time my son was 10 months old and I became pregnant again.  This pregnancy only brought about 40 additional pounds, but I was still at the same final weight as with my first.  This time around also came with an injury making it impossible to begin exercising as soon as I had hoped.  Two months after giving birth, I had again lost the first 25 pounds without much effort, but then stalled out.  At the same time I was becoming frustrated about taking off the extra weight, I learned about the 28-Day Challenge.  Scott at PPT understood that I experienced an injury 2 months earlier, so he realized an intensive exercise regimen was not possible, not to mention the fact that I was still up all night with a newborn and wasn’t always able to commit to exercise as I would have liked.  When he first told me of the dietary limitations he wanted me to make, I thought to myself that there was no way I could ever give up bread, let alone suppress my sweet tooth.  Nevertheless, my husband and I took on the challenge together.  Admittedly, the first week was somewhat difficult.  Not only was it difficult to sort through all the foods we could no longer eat as there were things hidden in foods we thought were ‘safe’, we still had some pretty strong cravings.  But it was all downhill from there.  Weight and inches began steadily coming off.  As a nursing mother, my doctor warned me about losing weight too quickly and indicated I should target 1-2 pounds per week.  After 28 days, I lost 7 pounds and 2.5 inches off my waist – right on target.  As my injury healed (and as my infant son’s sleep schedule allowed), I added more exercise and strength training.  Three months after beginning the challenge, I am still going strong and steadily losing weight.  I am ecstatic to have lost the same amount of weight 5 months after this pregnancy that I fought tooth and nail to lose in 10 months after my first pregnancy.  I’m not yet at my goal (pre-first baby weight), but I know that with my commitment, together with PPT’s commitment to help me succeed, my goal is not only attainable, but likely to be achieved in the next 3-4 months.When people comment to me about the changes they are seeing and ask how I did it, I always tell them what a life changing event the decision to take on the 28-Day Challenge was and encourage them to take it on as well.  The response I always get is that they could never give up this or that, but I’m proof that you not only can, but you will quickly become surprised at how easy it is to become happier, healthier and more energetic."

Sally K., Chicago, IL
"I have struggled with my weight my entire life and recently found it spiraling out of control and getting close to the heaviest I have ever been. Scott from PPT told me about the 28 Day Challenge and I was intrigued. The more I learned about it the more I wanted to try it. Then a problem arose, I suffered a back injury that took exercise out of the equation. I decided to take the challenge anyway. Scott helped me out tremendously with any questions I had, suggestions on what foods to eliminate/add to help burn fat, and recipe ideas. After the 28 days I had lost 10 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. But it was more than just the numbers, I felt great and I was eating even better. I have two young boys and I finally felt like I was setting a good example for them with my eating habits. And for that reason I have continued on past the 28 days. So far I have lost close to 25 pounds and over 7 inches from my waist, all without exercising, and I feel better than I have in a long time. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the results when I am finally able to start an exercise program. The whole process has really opened my eyes to the importance of not just how to eat healthier, but how I can actually be healthy."

Wade C., Chicago, IL