"Thank you, PPT for helping us become truly aware of what we were putting in our bodies -- we are what we eat!  And The Kings thought we were eating healthy, but after the 28-day challenge, we got "clean" and Jeff got LEAN!  We took the challenge to find out if we had any allergies or if our metabolisms would be affected if we eliminated certain foods. Both of us were about to turn 41 years old and feeling sluggish -- I was coming off of a fractured big toe which sidelined my workouts for eight weeks and Jeff travels every week for work, so he is part of the "weekend warriors" athlete category.  We both went sugar, dairy and gluten free for the entire challenge.  We ate tons of raw vegetables at every meal -- I started everyday with a protein shake, with chia seeds, flax and kale along with almond milk and dark berries.  We both had a protein and a salad or Quinoa for lunch, a snack of veggies and hummus and then a dinner of protein (seafood, chicken, turkey burgers or sashimi) and steamed vegetables.  I found a dressing Garlic Expressions that you can cook anything in without sugar or gluten and makes a lot of things taste delicious!  Brussel Sprouts are family favorite now!  The results for Jeff have been great.  He has lost nearly nine pounds and a couple of inches off his waist.  He feels lighter and doesn't really miss any of the foods we used to eat… he's from Texas and loves his barbecue and his Tex-Mex tortilla chips and cheese.  I have also lost an inch on my waist, thighs, etc. perhaps most noticeably from no longer drinking sugary wine and indulging in my love of cheese and bread/crackers/corn tortilla chips to go along with it!  We appreciate all of the support that PPT provided from the "get-started" review of the do's and don'ts and the "check-ins" along the way to ensure we felt good, or what we could modify to get the results we desired.  Jeff and I are still on "the challenge" as we want to see how good we can feel moving forward.  It's a lifestyle change that we have embraced for our future."

Joanna & Jeff K., Lincolnshire, IL
"3 months after starting the 28-Day Challenge, I'm down 27 lbs. and  4 sizes off my waist, but more importantly I feel awesome and have a handle on what I eat, and why I eat it.  The hardest part for me was sitting down and actually eating at the right times.  I only work out now three times a week and what I have learned is that the NUTRITION is definitely the key.  I was asked to give up dairy, wheat, and sugar, and drank 100 oz of water a day.  After doing this program, I learned so much about nutrition.  The key for me was going shopping and making the meals and planning ahead what I was going to eat and when.  After I got a handle on that, the LBS started dropping off!  I probably gained 25-30lbs. over the last 5-7 years and in 28 days after truly committing to this program, I shed about half of that.  Not bad considering it took a month to lose half of what I gained over 5 years.  Don is THE BEST at what he does and he commits to his clients.  He will even come to your house and work you out there.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!!   He is more of a positive motivator  and a great teacher, than anything.  The coolest thing was all the text messages I would get from him during the week, checking in on diet and how I was feeling.  It's not a gimmick, or fad diet, it's a lifestyle change.  Now that I am where I am at, I choose to eat healthier, understand portion control, and still have my beer and pizza on Sundays during my football time!"


Steve C., Morton Grove, IL
"I finished the 28 Day Challenge!  I can't believe it's already been four weeks since I started as the whole thing went so much faster than I anticipated.  In less than a month, I've lost 11 pounds and am currently weighing in at a lean and mean 178 lbs.  I haven't weighed that little since high school, and the love handles I was hoping to trim away have pretty much vanished.  I also dropped a pant size, and it's been over a decade since I could fit into a 32".  But I didn't take on this challenge purely to lose weight.  For a long time, I've wanted to cut out things like wheat and sugar to see how my body would react (I already don't do the dairy being vegan).  As the challenge forced me to take a good look at the ingredients in what I ate, I was amazed to realize how much sugar, in its many different forms, is pumped into nearly all processed foods.  Cutting out that stuff has not only helped my palette adapt so that whole foods like fruits and vegetables taste exponentially better, but I feel better too.  I have more energy, and I'm sleeping better; both huge things being a new dad.  Combining the nutritional regimen with the incredible workouts has me feeling muscles all over that I'd long forgotten were there.  It's like I can feel my metabolism working throughout my body, and my core is so much stronger than before.  My clothes feel better, the ones that still fit me at least, and overall, I just feel more confident and at home in my own skin.  I honestly can't recommend the 28 Day Challenge enough, and I so appreciate Peak Performance Training making this available to me.  Now that the four weeks are done, I still plan to continue with most of the regimen as I definitely want to keep feeling the way I do."

Ryan S., Studio City, CA
"Roughly 100 days after my 28 Day Challenge with Peak Performance Training, I'd have to say that I've surpassed all my goals. I've been persistent in my quest to achieve a healthy body, and thanks to PPT, I've achieved that and so much more.  The program completely changed my way of thought, and is continuing to teach me how my body works today. I know what my body wants and how it reacts to certain foods, foods that Don Schlenbecker educated me on. Had you told me 100 days ago that I wouldn't be eating bread and dairy on a regular basis, I would have told you that you're crazy! Truth be told, after eliminating inflammatory foods and monitoring what I put into my body I feel stronger, healthier, and happier.  From a physical standpoint, I've never felt more fit. The Creative Chaos Program is not the easiest set of workouts that I've ever done, but it's one of the more rewarding and efficient workout programs I've tried. It keeps you active and burning fat throughout the day. It is constantly changing from week to week as your body is getting stronger, and it keeps it fun. 28 days was just the start for me, now it has evolved into a way of life." 

Chris C., Chicago, IL
"I recently fought my first real good fire since I've been on your program.  I am in such better shape to do my job now that it is unbelievable.  I'm able to do so much more without being exhausted.  Being a firefighter, it could truly mean the difference between life and death.  Just wanted to say thanks for giving me the tools to turn things around."

Mike K., Chicago, IL
"When I began the Challenge in early February, it was not something I was looking forward to and quite frankly didn't think I would be able to fulfill my commitment.  I thought the eating program would be so restrictive that I would have trouble getting fulfillment from a meal.  My cooking skills were at best rudimentary (probably non-existent is a better way to describe them), and I thought the exercise regimen would be too much for me to handle given my history of extreme foot pain and plantar fasciitis.  Now 28 days and 17 lbs. later, I couldn't be happier that I did it.  I found the diet to be quite filling and sustainable.  Real, non-processed food seems to be much more filling than the processed "food" I had grown accustomed to, and I've cut way back on any snacking that I do.  The cooking was a bit of a challenge for me at times, but after a week I was able to learn enough to be dangerous and make a variety of good, healthy meals.  Most importantly, I have not experienced even a hint of foot pain for the first time in recent memory.  I've since read studies that link sugar to foot/ankle pain, but with the focus on stretching, mobility, and total body strength in the workouts, my feet feel terrific and I am excited to keep exercising.  All in all, I am sleeping better than ever before, have more energy during the day, and am feeling better about myself given the progress I was able to make in the 28 days.  I'm excited by my next challenge, which is to use the tools I learned in the 28-Day Challenge to keep losing until I find a weight that I am comfortable sustaining, and then maintaining a healthy lifestyle ongoing."

Michael T., Elk Grove Village, IL
"On July 8, 2013 my husband and I began the 28-Day Challenge.  One year later we can say without a doubt that it was the best decision we could have ever made.  When we began, we simply saw the challenge as a challenge to lose some of the weight we so desperately wanted to lose.  However, very quickly we saw the true meaning of the challenge – to be healthy.  For us, the challenge brought us relatively easy weight loss, but also a new viewpoint on life and health.  When we began the challenge last year, we had a 2.5 month old newborn and a 22 month old toddler.  I weighed 35 pounds more than before I got pregnant and generally felt awful and exhausted all the time.  One year later I have not only lost the extra 35 pounds (and 9 inches off my waist) and my husband has lost 40 pounds (and 10 inches off his waist), but we are working towards being in the best shape of our lives thanks to the workouts PPT has specially tailored to fit us. We are no longer sitting on the bench watching our boys play at the park; we are climbing up the slides and jungle gyms alongside them and chasing them around until they are tired, instead of until we are tired.  The most important thing we learned from this experience was that it is not hard to be a healthy weight.  We learned how different foods affected our weight, how we could gain weight by not drinking enough water (water, really??? something so easy caused me to gain weight?!) and that exercise does not need to consume your life to work (I committed to only two 45 minute sessions per week!).  Even after a year, people still ask questions like ‘Don’t you ever just want to eat pizza, or cookies, or…? That must be torture’.  And yes, we do want to eat those foods sometimes, but after PPT helped us learn how certain foods affect our bodies, we’ve found we can still eat them; we’re just smarter about it.  For me, there are some foods that my body is better off avoiding (like corn, who would have thought?) and knowing what they are makes it easy for me to keep myself on track.  If you’re reading this wondering if the 28-Day Challenge could work for you, the best advice we have is to just stop thinking and do it!  We made the commitment to take on the challenge, but PPT gave us back just as much commitment to make sure we get to where we want to be, we are proof of that."


Sally K., Chicago, IL
"I started the 28-Day Challenge mainly because my husband didn’t want to do it alone.  I thought it was just a means of losing weight.  I never expected the kinds of changes we’ve seen in such a short period of time.  For most of my adult life, my diet consisted primarily of pasta, fruit, some vegetables and a lot of sweets and other processed carbs.  I was never terribly out of shape so really didn’t consider this an issue.  In the last year, though, I gained weight and developed a dull, continuous ache in my hips and hands.  I attributed the weight gain to age and, of course, my sugar intake but never imagined the aches I felt could be associated with the food I was eating.  I truly thought I was getting arthritis.  After one week on the challenge, it occurred to me that the aches I felt in my hips and hands had completely subsided.  It seems incredible, but they’re gone.  The other very positive impact is the structured mealtime and increased options this way of eating offers.  Previously, it was a struggle every night to come up with something for dinner.  Now that we have requirements in terms of protein and vegetable intake, I’ve increased the variety of foods I eat significantly and I find there are many options.  Most importantly, this has carried over to my daughter, whose eating habits mimicked mine in the past.  She is much happier now being offered something other than pasta for dinner.  Scott has been tremendously supportive throughout.  He’s extremely knowledgeable and has been completely non-judgmental, accommodating of our limited schedule, and patient as we adapt to this new way of thinking about food.  I hope we never return to our old ways of eating knowing what we know now, firsthand, about the impact food has on how we feel."

Sharon B., Lincolnshire, IL
"PPT caters to your individualized needs, both in terms of your sport and your specific areas of improvement. Each workout is designed with your best interest in mind because PPT cares about you as a person, not just an athlete."

Hanna Mar, Burr Ridge, IL
"I began training with Don and Scott in 2009. I played tennis at Score Tennis and Fitness when Don and Scott began running the fitness/conditioning program at the club.  I first was introduced to them during the group conditioning classes that were part of the tennis program.  As time went on, I really liked their approach to tennis-specific training and injury prevention, so I started taking private/mini-group training sessions with them to help further improve my game and allow me to become less susceptible to injury.  As a result of working with Don and Scott, I noticed getting less small/nagging injuries even in the summer when the number of tournaments picked up significantly.  I also was getting better results during competition as my national ranking continued to slightly improve every year after I started working with them.  I would definitely recommend PPT to other young athletes because Don and Scott know what they are doing.  They don't just put every athlete they work with through one training regimen; they tailor the program specifically to each individual athlete based on their sport and what they need to work on to get better.  And not only that... They are AWESOME people and they make the workout FUN!"

Nida Hamilton, Hinsdale, IL