Virtual Team Programming

With the 2019-20 IHSA Basketball Tournament abruptly halting due to COVID-19 in early March, and then the schools closing shortly after, this brought on some challenges for what had promised to be a Spring that would be filled with post-season conditioning for multiple high school programs. In the face of struggle we have 2 options: “Find An Excuse”, or “Find A Way”.

The team at PPT chose the latter, and it resulted in the birth of our Virtual Team Programming that reached more than 50 athletes from 5 different schools.. We provided a training system that included everything from nutritional guidance and team workouts, to videos that covered every movement for every block of training. They also received access to a myriad of other videos that touched on injury prevention and additional workouts for non-strength days. In the end, we were able to provide a way for these young athletes to not only make improvements during a difficult time, but to stay connected and receive guidance from a coach that was completely engaged in providing a positive environment.

Below you can find some examples of what we provide with our Virtual Team Programming.

Spring 2020 Basketball Intro

2020 Pre-Game Nutrition Tips

Fall 2020 Basketball Intro

Virtual Team Programming Training Rates

Rates are determined based on # of athletes, # of weeks, and the inclusion of any in person sessions.