Steve – 28 Day Challenge: Closing Comments

As we worked tirelessly to put together the ideal formula to help in the battle against weight loss, we knew we needed “real people” who would take the challenge on and work to follow the guidelines and truly achieve.  Having known Steve for quite some time, his name just echoed in our heads one morning and we just knew he was the one.  A high school teacher whose weight has yo-yoed through the years, Steve was someone who definitely had the will to focus and follow what we would be asking of him.  He responded to our request immediately, and a few days later we started the challenge.  His focus on finishing the challenge never really wavered, but something changed near the 3 week mark.  All of a sudden it wasn’t about the 28 days anymore.  It was about everyday moving forward.  It was about changing his lifestyle and coming to the realization that this wasn’t a challenge, but rather a warm-up (or an “appetizer”) for what he was empowered to do after the 28 days had come to a close.  His stats were very solid with weight loss of 12.6 lbs and 3 inches off of his waist.  But, the greatest statistic we can give is that after 2 weeks on his own, his total weight loss is now at 20lbs! His lifestyle has changed, and he has figured out the best path to his success, even in the midst of long hours at school (what used to be his health nemesis).  The 28-Day Challenge started something in Steve that we are extremely confident will continue to transform his lifestyle.  He is a true success story, and we couldn’t be happier to have him represent what we do here at PPT!