Former Athletes Speak – Hanna Mar

When did you first meet the staff of PPT?  How did it come about?

I met the PPT staff when they began running the strengthHanna Mar and conditioning program at the tennis club I played at. I worked with them for most of high school up until I went to college.

What was your strength and conditioning/training experience before PPT?

The previous strength and condition I did was very general. It could have been applied to many different sports. At the time I was in good shape, but not the best condition for tennis.

How did the PPT approach differ from what you were used to?

I was not used to the precision with which PPT created workouts. PPT did an initial screening to pinpoint my weaknesses and find out what I needed to improve. Everything I did was tennis specific and targeted the things I needed to improve. These were continually monitored and updated so I was always focused on a specific set of things.

What did you notice as a result of their system of training?

I felt more efficient with my movement on court. I believe this was a result of the exercises and drills designed by PPT to target the movements that I did over and over again while I played tennis. I wasn’t simply training to increase my endurance, but also to improve how I moved on court.

At what level and in what sport did you compete in?

I played Division I College Tennis at Duke University.

What impact did the PPT approach to strength & conditioning have as you walked into the collegiate environment?

Going into college, I was apprehensive about the conditioning. The sheer volume of tennis and conditioning makes the college environment difficult, and the amount of time dedicated to strength and conditioning in college is far greater than what I had done before. With that being said, when I arrived at college my transition into the strength and conditioning program was comfortable. While there was some adjustment, I found that I was familiar with many exercises, from my work with PPT, and I was able to adapt quickly to those that were new to me.

Would you recommend PPT to other young athletes?  Why?

Yes. PPT caters to your individualized needs, both in terms of your sport and your specific areas of improvement. Each workout is designed with your best interest in mind because PPT cares about you as a person, not just an athlete.

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