Individual Athlete Development

At PPT, we feel it is necessary to take the time to create an environment that allows each athlete to fully optimize their physical performance.  As a result, each athlete is taken through our newly designed/revised Advanced Athlete Screen (AAS).  The AAS combines a Movement Screen (FMS), explosive power assessment, functional strength standards, as well as video analysis of all power and speed movements. We feel that this gives us the information we need to create the optimal initial program design for that particular athlete.  

How You Move, Matters!

Above all else, an athlete’s ability to move in all 3 planes of motion synergistically, has to be ground zero.  We do not do anything in sport that works in a single plane, so that is not how we train our athletes.  We don’t brace to move, so our focus will be on how we apply force and rotate through space to produce the torque needed to produce optimal results.  We vow to allow our athletes to remain athletes, and not look to turn them into bodybuilders or competitive weightlifters.  Move well, achieve goals, and remain healthy.  We know this works, and we will not be deterred from coaching that way.

1% Better Each Day

We take pride in the fact that over the last 20 years we have made the continued commitment to keep learning and growing on a daily basis in order to become better coaches.  It is this mindset that we work to instill in each and every one of our athletes.  As you click on the links below, you can find out more about the systems we use to create the healthiest, strongest, and fastest athletes possible.

Athlete Development Training Rates

PPT Studio Training/In-Home Training

Single Session: $110/hr

10 Session Package: $950

20 Session Package: $1500

PPT Training Studio:

221 Brighton Road in Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Remote/Virtual Training Rates

Single Session: $95/hr

10 Session Package: $800

20 Session Package: $1200

The convenience of virtual training has been a great value add to what PPT has always offered in their studio or at your location.