Virtual Training

Adding virtual training to our services was always something that seemed to take a backseat to what we were already providing at PPT. And then March 2020 hit, and we had a decision to make. If we wanted to continue to reach our clients and provide what had proven to help achieve optimal results, we had to “find a way”, and not look to “find an excuse”. This was the time where the PPT family adopted the mantra of “Great Doesn’t Wait”. We weren’t going to wait around for the world to be back to an ideal scene, but instead we were going to create an option that could give our client base everything they needed to be truly successful. Our Virtual Training option now continues to thrive, and has given us the ability to reach clients that live out of state, when they travel out of town, and of course when we get a “Stay-At-Home” order from the powers that be. Don’t wait to get healthier.




10 SESSIONS > $950