PPT Studio Training

For years I heard the question, “How come you don’t have your own facility?” Well the answer is two-fold: if I build a facility then I am married to being around it, while the majority of my current business is what I am able to do on-site at schools, parks, workplaces, etc. As soon as I build those 4 walls I limit my reach, and Peak Performance Training will always look to do exactly the opposite.

All that being said, as I was approaching a full knee replacement in the summer of 2018, I really felt like it was time to transform my garage into a place that I would be proud to train clients in, and they would be excited to come to. The PPT Studio has been all of that and more, especially since COVID hit, and it has helped create an avenue to run virtual sessions as well as produce a library of videos and pictures that we have been able to put out to help so many people.

I now have clients of all ages that come into the studio to get in a great workout 7 days a week. If you want a break from your day, or from being in your house/office, swing by the PPT Studio and leave ready to attack the rest of your day.




10 SESSIONS > $950